Not only will we assist you with our advice, but also will elicit the impulse of your idea as well as analyzing with your the market and are standing financially behind you after the analyzing process.

In the first step we will support you with our experience - regardless of whether or not a partnership will develop. Why are we doing this? We were helped too, and it is only natural for us to pass on some of it.

If your concept and chemistry is right, a suitable way to expand and exploit the desired potential can always be found.

Since you and we are not the only ones who are interested in good ideas and plausible sustainable investments, it is best we talk openly about upcoming projects, their opportunities and the respective investment framework.


With our team we develop solutions for our partners and are clearly setting the course for future scenarios. With our experience, we shape your future strategically and thus prepare you for trends, new systems and requirements.

Looking back, we can say that we have achieved successful projects and solutions in the areas of logistics, marketing and consulting. Usually from this, long lasting partnerships have developed.

That our partners are satisfied with us, does not allow us to rest. Success and satisfaction means for us - status quo - we think right away about the next possibilities for optimization, to obtain better results together.


Do you see unexploited markets that are not in your present core area and the great potential they have? When we see this, then this means for us:

  • Market / analyzing potentials
  • Developing an optimal concept and presenting commercially
  • implementing them individually with a strong team

For the expansion, we are looking for more add-ons, locations, motivated and active employees who are accepting responsibility, as well as co-investors for medium-term ROI.